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“ A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all ”
 – Michael LeBoeuf

Florida Gardens & Landscaping is a division of Land Design Services Inc., located in Lutz, FL , specializing in large scale developmental, commercial, and residential landscaping since 1984.

Our services include Landscape Design, Installation, Maintenance and Pest Control.

In reference to landscape installation, our horticulturally correct techniques of plant installation set us apart from other landscape contractors. Every planting bed is filled with the proper blend and amount of composted soil, which over time produces healthy, robust plants which need far less attention, maintenance and replacement. We enjoy a strong support relationship with the finest nurseries in the area and seek to always provide the healthiest and largest trees and plants available at the time of installation.  All of the material meets a strict specification or it is sent back. Therefore, we believe our projects look a cut above the rest at the time of installation, and will continue to thrive thereafter.



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